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The organisation of Renault F1 represents a real strength for the brand. Indeed, 3 firms in Europe belong to the team in order to concept the car. By this way, the best engineers and the best technicians can be gathered in 3 places located in England and France.
Moreover, specialists of every field: engines, aerodynamics, design are at the top of every firm. Like that, Renault F1 is composed by competitive poles which invent tomorrow’s car.
Renault F1 Team not only competes as a constructor but also as an engine supplier. Indeed, the team is currently supplying Red Bull Racing with its RS27 engine.
Renault has also developed numerous partnerships with other companies, and the team is now able to offer advanced technical solutions each year.
Eventually, their main pilot Fernando Alonso is a very talented driver who is extremely reactive to new technologies and can give great advices to engineer.
Renault F1 has many weaknesses that are increased by the crisis. The first cause of this is the way of managing the team. The new boss Patrick Peleta does not seem to believe enough in the chances of Renault to win the championship so that his goals are not up to what the rank of Renault should be.
Moreover, Renault suffers from a lack of gratitude. Indeed, Renault cannot benefit from the same public as Ferrari or Mc Laren do, and its main sponsor (ING) is to leave them in few months which decrease the ambiance in the supply chain: employees fear they might lose their job because of the lack of subventions.
One of the most important threat for Renault Formula One Team is the crisis. Its sponsor, ING, does not have much money for it and ING is going to reduce the money it gives. Moreover Renault is also in troubles, it has less time, money and engineers for Formula One.
Another threat is the new rules for the 2010 championship. The FIA (that makes regulation) wants a two time rule because they want more brands and more teams in the championship. So in 2010

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