Swot analysis prague

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SWOT Analysis

STRENGTHS- Urban tourism trend in Prague- Christmas Market attract - One of the most developed industrialized economies in CEE- Well-developed infrastructure- Well-educatedpopulation - Historical and natural heritage- Low costs of nightlife- Located in the center of Europe- Member of NATO, EU, United Nations, WTO | WEAKNESSES- Competition of hostels and apartments rental |OPPORTUNITIES- Benefits of the EU enlargement: same currency- Czech Republic surrounded by mountains- Ski resorts are cheaper than in Europe- European assistance to develop tourism - A **/*** hotel anda hostel have almost the same price - Investment incentives- Contribution of Travel&Tourism in GDP is rising- GDP growth for T&T is rising for the next 10 years- Visitors export is rising |THREATS- Climate as a standard for European to choose destination- The rise of cost of living because of the massif tourism- Employment decreasing (but contribution of Travel&Tourism is rising)-T&T investment is rising (competition) |

The urban tourism has become the great trend for 2010, especially in cities like Prague, Moscow or Bucharest. According to Eurstat data, Prague was one ofthe 12 most affluent regions of the EU in 2006.
79% of Europeans consider the climate as a standard to choose their holiday destinations. The East European countries are known to be cold, that’s whythey have to emphasize other assets such as their historical and natural heritage to continue being increasing.
The most beautiful Christmas Markets during December are in East Europe.
The CzechRepublic is almost entirely surrounded by mountains, marking the border with Germany and Poland. Furthermore, ski resorts are cheaper in Czech Republic than in Europe (France, Switzerland, Italy…),which can attract European tourists who want to spend less money for skiing.
Benefits of the EU enlargement (since 2004) for Czech, unlike other countries like Croatia: they have now the same...
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