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Central America And Taiwan
Taiwan’s diplomatic recognition through the world is a big issue of the 21st century, mainly caused by the economic ties that the 4/5 of the world doesn’t want to lose with China. And if the Big brother has been for a long time trying to force his skinny neighbor to get back into the rank, it seems that the new start they try to give to their political relations,leaded by new economical agreement (The Economic Co-operation Framework Agreement) is influencing the rest of the global community and more precisely the last states who recognized Taiwan as a Country.
In this subject I wanted to give a global approach of the relations between Central American countries ,“historically” allied to Taipei, and , and more precisely the Honduras( who is among the 23countries that officially recognize Taipei over Beijing ) and the Republic of China.
That means Honduras maintains official relations with the  Republic of China (Taiwan) instead of the People’ s republic of China (China)
The Currently, the countries who maintain formal diplomatic relations with the ROC are:
*  Belize (1989) *  Burkina Faso (1994) *  Dominican Republic (1957) *  ElSalvador (1961) *  Gambia (1995) *  Guatemala (1960) *  Haiti (1956) *  Honduras (1965) *  Kiribati (2003) *  Marshall Islands (1998) *  Nauru (1980–2002, 2005) *  Nicaragua (1990) | *  Palau (1999) *  Panama (1954) *  Paraguay (1957) *  Saint Kitts and Nevis (1983) *  Saint Lucia (1984–1997, 2007) *  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1981) *  São Tomé and Príncipe (1997) * Solomon Islands (1983) *  Swaziland (1968) *  Tuvalu (1979) *  Vatican City (Th |
During the past few years, Latin America was the main battleground over state-to-state representation between Taiwan and China, Beijing foreign policy in Latin America is first to develop economic advantages, but those cooperations, rallied a lot of Carribean countries to swift their diplomatic relationswith Beijing, instead of Taipei, this conducted to dramatically weaken Taipei’s claim to sovereignty.
In 2007, Taiwan was dealt a heavy blow when several of its allies behaved rather ambiguously at the World Health Organization’s vote on Taiwan’s membership: Nicaragua and Panama were absent, Haiti abstained, and Costa Rica voted nay. Shortly afterTaiwan endured yet another defeat when it lost theallegiance of Costa Rica, the first Central American country to recognize China. Faced with growing competition from the PRC, Taiwan has redoubled its efforts to secure the support of its allies in Central America.
The most visible instruments utilized by Taipei are frequent and highly publicized exchanges of high-level official visits: the first overseas trip of President Ma Ying-jeou of Taiwanafter his inauguration in 2008 was to Central America. The main purpose was to held talks with the president of Panama, Martin Torrijos; the president of El Salvador, Antonio Saca; the president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya; and the president of Haiti, Rene Préva
Taiwan also continues to supply much needed technical and medical assistance after humanitarian or natural disasters. Furthermore, theTaiwanese government encourages investment by Taiwanese companies in allied countries through the establishment of a $250 million fund and a central coordinating office to facilitate investment projects.
To strengthen economic ties with its allies, Taiwan has signed free-trade agreements (FTAs) with Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras; all are in effect, save for the one withHonduras. In addition, Taiwan is sharing its technological expertise through initiatives such as the Central and South America Research Center, although not very successfully.
Those agreements led naturally to increase the Taiwan-Honduran exchanges (The value of Taiwan-Honduras trade amounted to US$ 50.16 million last year(2009), with Taiwan enjoying a US$21.43 million trade surplus) would allow...
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