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Technologies play a role in my class, but not the main role (it’s for the blackboard). At the beginning of the semester, I decided to rewrite all the lessons on a power point, because we had a lot ofthings to do, and only 50 minutes. But I spent hours (4/5 hours) for each class, to write a good power point, with a lot of examples, with exercises …. After one month of power points, I decided tolet down, because I also need to sleep. But I try, when a grammar point is not easy, and with a lot of exceptions, irregular things, to send to my students, by e-mail, a summary of the rules we learnt,with examples.
Except the lack of sleep, the power point was not a bad idea with my students. We can believe that they will fall asleep, because power point can be boring, because I don’t check ifthey are involved in the course … but no, they were interested, they were asking good questions, they were happy because they understood better with my power point than with the book.
So now, I don’tuse power point anymore, just in rare cases, when I want to explain them things with a diagram, or when we have a culture point and I want to show them pictures.
I use technology in class when Iwant to show them videos, or when we’re doing a listening activity. I’m native speaker in the language I’m teaching, so at the beginning, I was thinking that my "French voice" will be sufficient, but Iquickly learnt that for most of people, it's important to hear more than one voice to learn, so I try to use CD and videos for my listening activities.

Outside of class, when I’m planning my class,I use internet a lot, because we have a websites about French as Foreign Language (FLE in French), where I can find a lot of activities, a lot of research about teaching French, good methods to teachFrench pronunciation, lists of irregular verbs, of exceptions for grammar rules, of advices to learn vocabulary … So, as a teacher planning his lesson, I use a lot internet. I was thinking about a...
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