The 1960's, is it a revolutionary society

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“60’s-70’s society, a revolutionary society?:
After living world war two, and Korean War, the worldfinally got reconstructed and had enjoyed a second birth. At the moment when everyone started to think that now everything was going to be fine, Viet NamWar started, but this time, although everyone knew about this war, no one seemed really affected, and except in Viet Nam, war wasn’t really resent.Because of this, it was the first time since world war two that the world could developed it self, so we can ask to ourselves: was the 60’s a revolutionarysociety? We are going to see in a first part, why 60’s society was a revolutionary society in term of thinking, and of what have been done, and we arethen going to see, why this society may have pushed part of the world back into the past, and so that it wasn’t a revolutionary society.
In conclusion,we can see that the 1960’s society was a revolution because of the ideas that changed, because of the people who became more open minded, and becausepeople who had something to say, started to say it. But all these changes had lead to some alternate problems as war, and conflict. I think that the1960’s society was overall a revolution, but a sociologic one. People were mostly reunited in different subjects, and it wasn’t an industrial revolution,neither an economic one. We can still ask ourselves if it was the only sociologic revolution, or if some others had already been done during the history.
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