The american culture

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Charlène Le Vacon

Narrative Essay

Your decision to attend NYIT?

Studying abroad is a beautiful experience in the life. My choice to studying at NYIT

was done for three reasons. The first one is for my personnal experience because thanks to

this I can discovering a lot of thing about myself and about the other. The second one is for

the NYIT location because thisuniversity takes place in a famous locality : New York. The

last one is for the education and the background.

I My Personal reason

Before coming here I didn't know how the American life looked like. I had an

inquiring mind about this. I could enjoy the American's brunch on Sunday morning. It is a

tradition of ending up with his friends to share a good breakfast with the famous eggsmufins. Also, I noticed a tradition among the New Yorkers, because the weekends they

spend their day at Central Park with their family and their friends. It is the way for them to

relax. I was also surprised by the food in this town. In fact, the food plays an important part

in New York. There are no place where the food misses. It is totally different from France as

well as in NewYork the stores are open all the time.

When I arrived in NYIT I knew a few people but I wanted to meet another. NYIT is a

cosmopolite university. For example, in my classes there are Asian people, American

people, African people. I like to make somebody's acquaintance because I like the human's

relation. Through associations or events organized by students I met new people. I find itinteresting to meet people because I can sometimes make a good meeting. For example,

thanks to the fashion show organized by the course of «Special Event» I met a girl with

whom I have kept in touch and I see her regularly. I can say that it was a beautiful meeting.

Un doubt I like my family and my friends but I think it's important to live without them and

habits. It is a way for me tolearn about myself and to get assurance. Obviously my first few

days were not easy. For example, when I arrived I called my family and my friends every

day. I couldn't spend one day without take some news. But gradually I got used and I have

learned to live away from them. Since I have lived in New York I feel more independent and

I more sure of myself.

II NYIT location

As wesaid, New York is the city where we never sleep. I think for the students New

York is the place where they have to go for up to something. It is the city where the action

is. So I wanted to know this. That's true, there are always surprising thing to do. For

example, New York is filled with trendy bars like the famous 230's bar with its view

overlooking the Manhattan's buildings. Idiscovered a nice place that called The

Underground. It's a music bar where people come to sing with a talented orchestra. I love

this area, because I'm a music lover and I can listen to singers who have real talent. The first

time that I came I was really surprised by this people. That is why I like New York, because

I always take eyeful. It's an amazing town. Also, I like the diversityof neighborhoods on the

island. No district are alike. For example between Soho and Chinatown the landscape is

totally different.

Before arriving in New York, it was difficult to make myself understood. It bothered me a

lot, because I think in those days it is very important to speak English for our professional

life. The best way to improve my English is to be in an Englishspeaking country, because

we have no choice for communicate with people. In my book, the immersion is the best. So

attend NYIT was an exciting oportunity for me. Since I arrived, I realized that my ear has

become accustomed to the language and I can understand much better what people say. I

feel that I progress in English as well as that all my courses are taught in English.

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