The caste

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The Indian caste system describes the social stratification and restrictions. In fact India is confronted with both a democratic model and a caste system which isevolving progressively in the Indian modern society. Generally the caste system has been identified with Hinduism religion. The caste system is composed of many social hereditary, hierarchic, endogamictraditions. In the Indian system there are four orders or “varnas” classified in accordance with religion: Brahmins (teachers, priests); the Kshatriyas (kings and warriors); the Vaishyas (agriculturistsand traders) and Shudras (farmers). Despite changes taking place caste system is still surviving in modern India.
How is the Indian caste system developing?
At first, we realize there aremodifications in the caste system then we can see the changes are not sufficient.
The caste system is very complex being composed of four castes and one group does not belong to any of the four castes: theUntouchables or Pariahs who are relegated to unhealthy, unpleasant or polluting jobs. Nobody can change caste or revolt against his own caste. The pariahs are excluded from the system and enslaved inother caste. Nevertheless, since the independence in 1947, all the citizens have been given the same rights; they are equal even if they are Brahmans or Untouchables. However the caste system hasbeen abolished nor declared illegal in 1947. Nowadays the Untouchables are allowed to enter temples and worship the fods with the other castes and they can go to school too. Moreover everybody has eventhe right to get married to the person he or she desires. Anyway the political power is not complicit with an unegalitarian and restrictive system.
In order to obtain a more equal and improve theconditions of the lowest castes the government has begun to set up more active actions for instance “affirmatives actions” but more and more oppressed persons assert their rights and liberties . For...
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