The catcher in the rye

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The Catcher in the Rye
The title is the catcher in the Rye, write by J.D Salinger in 1951.
The cover has main colors, red. And there is a horse like on a carousel on the foreground. And in the background we can see a town we thinks its New York. The title is written in orange like the background.
The story is about a boy Holden Caulfield, who is eject to his school and it’s not is first time. To not be played he decided to leave the school after his parents knows. He spend 3 days in New York, he take a room in a Hotel, he meet 3 tourist girls and a prostitute, he want see his young sister Phoebe, he go at his home during is parents were absente and they speak about the poem of Robert Burns, Comin’ Through the rye and it’s the explication for the title. After he go see is English teacher Mr Antolini, he stay to spend the night but when he wake up the teacher is close to him. He decides to go away to New York but after he go see his sister and she wants come with him. The end is mysterious but we can understand that he is in a hospital.
Holden Caulfield is a children who won’t grow up and be an adult. Phoebe loves his brother and she won’t be away from him.
In this book the language is familiar and there are insults, the view of the boy is particular.
I like this book because it’s something that concerns us, the fact who not wants to be an adult or be lost in our

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