The empire states building

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Today I talk about…

In the first place we shall see the general description of the batiment then we we shall interest at the uniqueness of this skyscraper.

* -Thisphoto was taken in the street of Manhattan (1 photo)... (She shows…)

He is situating in Manhattan at New York on Fifth Avenue. The Empire state building was built in the thirties. It wasinaugurated the first may of 1931.

The construction required 10 million bricks, two hundred thousand tons of stones and approximately sixty thousand tons of steel and a lot of concrete. At the insidetwenty nine thousand square meters of marble decorate the first levels.

Three thousand five hundred persons worked on the project. He is finished in a little more than one year (2 photo).

Has the endof the twenties, he had a race of the highest skyscrapers. The main thing opponent was the Chrysler building (in the background of the 3 photo). Finallement it’s the empire state building wich wonthis race.

* -According to this photo we identify quickly the Fifth Avenue (photo 4). (The most smart, beautiful…)

* -As shows him these two photos it’s possible to visit the ESB in theevening in the purpose to admire the illumination of N.Y. (photo 4 et 5).

We can see that this building overhang the other skyscrapers and it offers a beautiful view on the whole city.
(Since 9/11,it’s the higher building in a city of New York.)During a long time, the ESB was the monument the most higher in the world. Yet, today I should like to point out that the ESB is on the top ten of thehigher buildings.

In general we can compare the ESB at the Eiffel tower for several reasons:
-His taller (the Eiffel tower was the monument the most higher in the world before the empire statebuilding was built).
-Is a skyscrapers very famous and he is visited a lot.
-Moreover the ESB is estimated by the American people (it’s a sort of symbol) likewise the Eiffel tower for the French...
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