The grapes of wrath: the american dream

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I. The end of the US pastoral :
A. Definition of the US pastoral :
1. The American Eden :
St John de Crèvecoeur : Letters from an US Farmer &Sketches of XVIIIthC America (1782).
2. The Jeffersonian ideal :
a. Farmers as God’s elect.
b. The right to property.
B. The lost garden :
1. Californiaas the American Eden.
2. Corruption in the garden :
a. The serpent p 230.
b. The garden as a desert.
c. The forbidden garden.
d. Decay in thegarden : Ch 25.
C. The defeat of the Jeffersonian ideal :
1. The bond with nature has been severed.
2. From farmers to businessmen.
3. No access to individualproperty.
4. Individualism is no longer a viable stance.
II. The failure of US democracy :
A. The blow dealt to the work ethic :
1. The migrants’ willingness to workhard.
2. No work available.
3. Success is not the road to happiness.
B. The end of the melting pot :
1. Uprooted Americans.
2. The same situation as theIndians.
3. Racism.
C. The failure of the democratic ideal :
1. The rule of a few powerful owners.
2. Working-class Americans are no longer free men :
a.The shattered dream of freedom.
b. The new slaves of America.
III. The dream has turned into a nightmare :
A. The dream proves a mirage :
1. A utopia.
2.Reluctance to let go of the dream.
3. The dream is doomed to remain a picture.
4. The reversed journey.
B. The perversion of the dream :
1. The dream close athand.
2. Corruption .
C. America as a wasteland :
1. The despoiled garden.
2. The wasteland :
a. The symbolic Dust Bowl. b. The symbolic wrecking yard.
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