The ice-floe melting

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The melting of the ice floe
The ice floe is an expanse of frozen sea.
While 1979-2000, the ice floe extends on average 15.7 millions square kilometres. About a half of it will melt in the summer before the global warming. Now, in 2011, there’s more than one million square kilometres less (in winter). In summer 2007, there was only 4.13 millions square kilometres. The Global Warming is stronger in polar zones than in the rest of the world, so it touches more the ice floe. The size of the melting of the ice floe is such important that we can’t go back. The more the ice floe reduces, the more the Arctic is getting warmer, and so the ice floe melts… It can leads to a total disappearing of the ice floe in 2030.

The consequences
1- The inflow.
In the 20th century, the water was growing by 1.8 millimetres per year, and now it’s growing by 3 millimetres per year.
Lots of islands and some parts of coastal countries (Belgium, Bangladesh, Louisiana, Holland…) will get underwater. So, people will have to go somewhere, and they will be problems of demography: too many people in the same place, no enough of food, any enough work, etc … There already had inundations all around the world.
But there’s also a big problem with animals. The polar bears will totally disappear, because they depend only on the ice floe. Lots of other animals are in danger, just like Bengal Tigers or alligator.
2- New resources.
The ice floe contains lots of resources in gas, petroleum, gold, etc… But they are inaccessible in the moment because of the snow and the ice. With the melting of the ice floe, these resources will be more accessible in the next years. So, lots of countries want to get a big part of these resources and it probably will causes troubles (and may be wars, we don’t know!).
3- Development of tourism
Because of the global warming and the technologic progresses, the polar zones are more and more accessible. It permits to develop massive tourism.
People arrive by boat;

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