The market

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Details of the business

Name and type of our new business :

The name of our new business will be “Objective France” because it will be a travel agency specialized in travel to France and in which we will propose only travel to France.

What is the format we have chosen ?

It will be a partnership between Anaïs Goutte and Anne-Louise Roman because a partnership is a business in which the partners share profits and losses that is to say in which the partners share the liability. Moreover as between 2 and 50 people may run a partnership and every one provide his services we have seen that it was the best format to us as we are two and we have each different skills.

Personal details

Our relevant work experience :

We have lots of knowledge that would be useful to run our business. For example : - We speak English because we have studied in USA during two years in the same university. It is in this university that we met us and then we became friendly. Miss Goutte have studied accounting and management and Miss Roman is rather specialized in the tourism having made two years of management. - We have both worked in a travel Agency in France: “Club Med” and “FRAM” during five years. So we can say that Miss Goutte would have knowledge to keep books and Miss Roman to welcome and advice clients in our new travel agency.


How many people do we need ?

To begin we think that we do not need any staff. We can both divide up the tasks. In two or three years maybe we shall need more staff to welcome better the customers. In fact,when our agency will more be known we shall need : - Staff in the agency to welcome and advise the customers. We think that we would have to hire 2 or 3 people in the futur - Staff in France to mark off places and negociate face to face with our partners or futur partners in order to find news destination or new ways to trip and have the possibility to propose lower

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