The road not taken

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Poems can tell stories, teach lessons, give encouragement or promote further thought. "The Road Not Taken", by Robert Frost, is an inspirational poem meant to encourage the reader to be spontaneous in life decisions and break away from the crowd to live an unique life.

The main character of "The Road Not Taken" is Robert Frost himself who is displayed as the traveler on a walk through the woods. The traveler is out for a symbolic walk when he comes across two paths. He stands there for a few minutes as he considers each path and the surroundings. Frost allows the reader to take part in the thoughts of the traveler and his considerations (Fagan 1). The hesitation found within the travelers mind is a key part of the poem.

As the traveler looks down these two roads the reader is led to assume these two paths are meant to be symbolically two different choices for life. The traveler considers the possibility of taking both paths but knows ultimately he can only choose one. The traveler chooses the path less traveled by, which some assume to be a metaphor for a choice in life that is not popular or different from the normal flow.

Because of this choice from the traveler, the poem is meant to encourage individualism and non conformity. The last line of the poem, "I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference" (Frost), ends the poem emphasizing to the reader to take the path in life that less people have taken. The poems last paragraph starts with a sigh which is debatable among many interpreters. This sigh could indicate that his choice was a good choice or a bad choice but the reason, Frost leaves it unknown.

Robert Frost uses the element of direct thoughts, symbolism and encouragement to make "The Road Not Taken", a classic favorite poem. I enjoy this poem because it paints a story in my mind of a traveler traveling in the woods on a nice autumn day. It also encourages me to live my own life and not the life of

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