The shame of india

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This article describes a Dalit’s man’s life. The journalist reports on the Caste System in India. For this reason, we can say that the article is based on a testimony. Actually, the burning issue issocial division and discrimination in India. We are given information about their social status. They are (Dalits) not considered as part of human society. Morover she insist on the fact that theyrepresent 20% of the total population. Their everyday living conditions are appaling/miserable. Then the other focus is on MacWan. The key information about him is that he’s an activist he has beenfighting for Dalit’s civil rights since 1981. As for his family background we can say that he come a very underprivileged family and yet he managed to carry on further studies. Nonetheless, one day he wason the verge of give up his fight since he was sick and tired. However a dalits mother gives him the right way once more. MacWan is the leader of a domestic and international lobby given that hebelieves the cast system is the shame of India.
(Part I) The role played by this part is to expose and denounce the social situation of Dalits in India. She points out the fact there are consider as aminority group and yet there 250miliion Dalits in India. This figure is very impressive and even flabbergasting. It corresponds to 25% of the total population which amounts to 1 billion people. I’d liketo add that India is the 2nd biggest population in the world. The problem lies in the fact they are not regarded as human beings, they are an outcast, it means that they are discriminated andprejudiced against. The word outcast means that they are not belong to the social pattern. Through MacWan’s testimony we are informed that they are opposed. He’s fighting for their civil rights. What shewants us to realize is that this situation is known by many people (l.1). The word Dalits doesn’t ring a bell to many people (l.5). She puts the stress on the idea that very few people have got...
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