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Nowadays, the students’ habits are more and more developing and we hear more and more about it on television and in our entourage.

Subjects that seem to be the most important are first of all the alcohol consumption because it’s emerging in grad schools and causes a lot of problem.
Students have different ways to react face to alcohol; furthermore, they don’t always realize consequences itcould have.

Then, we use to think that young people are aware of precautions they have to take with sexuality but is there enough prevention in schools?

This topical subject has to do with everyone, as the new trend around uniforms. Lots of schools have yet a system of uniforms which is well instituted; do we need that in French schools to avoid all problems linked with money prejudices?
I)The alcohol consumption

It is made clear that the alcohol consumption increases risks when you’re driving, but is also dangerous for your health. Moreover, men and women are different face to alcohol because it depends on the quantity drunk, the person’s weight, but especially the coefficient of dilution which is higher for men: they are more resistant to alcohol. What is happening in gradschools? Is it still possible to organize parties providing alcohol?

An anti-alcohol charter has been created a few days ago. It plans some rules to avoid all excess, for example a maximum of four glasses per person, or the ban to sell pure products. Things are being changed and mentalities are evolving.

First of all, this charter has been created to show a new picture of grad schoolsparties which are actually described as booze-up; it concerns students from commercial and engineering schools, they are supposed to be responsible of themselves.

Secondly, the objective is also to avoid consumption so high that students make comas, and sometimes die. They drink in order to feel other sensations, it is one of the conditions to have fun, and they feel more self-confident.

Anotherfact worrying is the teenagers’ consumption. They don’t realize consequences alcohol can have and drink very young, sometimes in the afternoon: it is obviously not to have fun but maybe a violent expression of distress. They sometimes feel bad and drink alcohol to set their minds at rest.
Measures are to be taken: 54% of schools have yet established rules in the organization of parties. It isreally time to do something because 65, 9% of students already get drunk in their lives. These data are not a surprise when you learn more about their rituals. Their objective in parties is to get drunk, thus, they use the “binge drinking”: drink a big quantity of alcohol very fast in the beginning of the party, they are sure to get drunk, but also to get sick the day after and maybe to see theirbrain attacked.

The alcohol is taking an important place in the students’ life; it is a part of it and become more and more dangerous. That’s why some of the students who are aware of it take
some measures and try to change those habits which are so bad.

II) Uniforms at school

A law proposal, made by Mr. Baroin in Mai 2003, is studied currently by the French Parliament. It aims atsetting up the uniform for students at school, hoping it will tackle efficiently but also peacefully several problems that threaten the French education system at the moment.

The main problem that has to be solved is, to the people at the French government, violence at school, maybe pushed by the often very important social differences between students: a shameful number of rackets and aggressions(including thefts) have been reported during the last years around French schools. An explanation for it would be the jealousy, or even an inferiority complex, triggered by the phenomenon that would lead to violence. Uniforms would also hamper this to occur, filling the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

The other also important problem to be solved is religion at school. We saw lately...
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