The upper west side

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The Upper West Side.
The Upper West Side is the neighborhood I live in. The Upper West Side is one of the nicest neighborhoods in New-York. It is a great and cultural place at the same time.New-York City guides describe it as a totally different part from other parts of New-York City. The Upper West Side offers numerous activities to do, cultural places, different kinds of schools, and placesto see or visit.
First, there are many cultural places to visit in the Upper West Side. The Lincoln Center, is the world’s leading performing arts center. There are approximately ten rooms in thecenter, and it was built in the sixties, on old tenements, where some “West Side Story” sets were made. At night, the Lincoln Center is totally illuminated. Furthermore, the Lincoln Center includesanother famous building, which is The Metropolitan Opera House. Actually, it is a vibrant home for the world’s most creative and talented artists in opera, including singers, conductors, and composers.Then, the American Museum of Natural History, which is one of the biggest New-York museums. The museum was created in 1836 and around 30 billion objects are exhibited. The museum is also well-knownthanks to its three rooms of dinosaurs’ skeletons. A big wale is showcased in the Ocean‘s Hall, it’s a replica, but the size is the same as the real thing.
The Upper West Side offers different kinds offamous schools as well. Columbia University is a pretty legendary one. In fact, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the State of New-York. It was created in 1754. It is a graduate andprofessional school for arts and sciences, architecture, business, international affairs, journalism, law and social work. In the same way, The Julliard School is renowned. This school is a privateconservatory, which offers programs through the Divisions of Dance, Drama, and Music. Then, Trinity School is a private, preparatory, co-educational day school, and it is the best college in the USA....
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