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Organizationa Behavior

Organizational Commitment

Executive Summary:

The project presented in this paper covers one of the most important steps in Organizational Behavior process. It give an opportunity to see upon the examples how different organizations deal with managing their employees and how well they can organize the commitment inside their company.
In the beginning of theexamining the topic we described the term Organizational Behavior and the link that connect this topic with Organizational Commitment. It is also indicates three main types of commitment, such as Affective Commitment, Continuance Commitment and Normative Commitment with the relevant to the topic definitions.
After that there is overview information about four interviews that were conducted with peopleof different ages, occupations and positions in order to have a wide view on the Organizational Commitment effect in different spheres of business.
In the Appendixes attached to the paper the interview’ questions and answers will be respectively presented.
The analysis that done in the paper regarding the Organizational Behavior and Organizational Commitment in particular helps to see theconnection between people’s attitude towards their work and the way it help the company to remain qualified people stay in their jobs.


Organizational Behavior

In order to understand the problem of employees’ commitment to their companies the topic should be viewed from the very beginning, started from definition of The Organizational Behavior, since it is the main aspect of thecompany’s efficiency performance. “Organizational behavior is a multi-disciplined theory which draws on many domains which contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization” (Organisational Behavior, “Organisational Behavior”,, viewed at 14 April 2010).

In practice it is more than a terminology, because Organizationswould be able to integrate Organizational Behavior practices to make sure that the strategic objectives of the company are met. “One must do well to understand that Organizational Behavior enforces discipline and ethics amongst the ranks of the company and managing the practices would effectively mean managing people and the way the organization views the implementation of the OrganizationalBehavior practices” (Organisational Behavior, “Organisational Behavior, Organizational Behavior Managing People and Organization,, viewed 14 April 2010). In this sphere companies face with a lot of different problems and one of them refers to how manage people to stay committed to their jobs, in this terms theorganizational effectiveness come to the mind because no management can think of a theory of organization that does not include the concept of effectiveness. “Organizational effectiveness represents a desirable attribute in organization. Effectiveness could be defined as the degree to which organization realizes its goals.” (Organizational Behavior, 2009, Organizational-system effectiveness, viewed 14 of April 2010)

One of the issues the Organizational Behavior focuses is not only how to manage people to perform well but also how to do it in accordance with their willingness to be committed to their present company, because “Organizational commitment is, in a general sense, the employee's psychological attachment to the organization and the organizationalobjectives.” (Wikia Education, Organizational Commitment,, viewed at 14 April 2010).

There are three the most commonly used types of identifying the characteristics to which the employer commit to the organization according to Meyer and Allen's (1991):

▪ Affective Commitment: Defined as the employee's positive emotional...
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