Thomas jefferson: "notes on the state of virginia"

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Thomas Jefferson
I) Some important facts:
Born in Virginia. He was a philosopher, inventor, architect and was part of the Enlightenment elite. But above all he was a prominent political figure of his time. He is one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, inspiring himself mainly from Locke's Natural Right Theory, and later he will participate in the creation of the American Constitution. He is of course the 3rd president of the U.S. He would later work as ambassador in France. He also doubled the size of the U.S. by buying Louisiana to the French.
As for his convictions, he was a slave-owner and also a very religious person naming God in all of his speeches, yet, he advocated for Human Rights and believed in the separation of Church and State. He believed of course in religious, political, social and intellectual freedom.
He is the author of the all time American hallmark «life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness» trough which Jefferson spurs U.S. Citizens to achieve freedom rather than take it for granted.
His most famous book is Notes on the State of Virginia which is also considered one of the most prominent works of American literature from before the 19th century.
It is basically a collection of answers to the questions of François Barbé-Marbois, Secretary of the French delegation in Philadelphia. The book is written in prose and it is both: A compilation of data on various subjects such as economics, politics, nature, geography, the state of science and the arts in the State of Virginia & a vigorous argumentation about the nature of the good society which Jefferson saw incarnated in his beloved State.
Jefferson captured in it his most memorable statements of belief in political, legal, constitutional principles such as separation of church & State, constitutional government and individual liberty.
He also tries to prove in his book that American nature is not inferior to that of Eurasia as stated by the Compte de Buffon in his

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