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P.96 "FEARS "

Introduction: question 1 to 6

{{{BRINK Andra was born in 1956, he was a famous South African writer. He was also an English professor at the Cape Town University. We studied a text which he entitled"FEARS" which is an extract of one of his books entitled "Imaginings of Sand" published in 1996. The story takes place in a white South African family, in 1994. During the dialogue between Casper and Kristien, we learned that, South Africans lived in fear because of the invasion of the communists, who were using brutal force.
During this exam, we also learned the different aspect of this text by going into the details.}}}(135)(045)(042)

The text proper: question 7 to 12
{{{This text has five protagonists who are Casper, Kristien, the KAF, the communist and Kristien's grandmother. The main characters are Casper and Kristien. The secondary characters are the KAF, the communist and the grandmother. The story takes place a few weeks before the general election in a South African district in 1994. In the first twenty four lines, Casper is explaining the troubles that have undergone his country.}}}(135)(045)(042)
{{Here is our analysis of the text. Now we are going to study a theme that we have chosen.
We have chosen: ''Fight Back!''
In fact, today all over the world people are fighting for their ideas like FREEDOM, RIGHTS, JUSTICE, PEACE AND LOVE.
Life is full of obstacles, and must be faced bravely. Those difficulties make us stronger. We have decided to divide our plan into 2 parts: the first one will be the segregation and discrimination in Africa. This country has known these difficulties for almost a half century. The racial segregation was brought by the APARTHEID LAWS (1948 to 1992).
And the second part will be the evolution within this continent. A lot of things changed but corruption, violence, and chaos are still remaining in some of these countries.}}(135)(042)
{We have just explained the different steps of our plan. Now we

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