Time and the other

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Preface and Acknowledgments Chapter 1: Time and the Emerging Other



From Sacred to Secular Time: The Philosophical 2 TraveLer From HiJtory to Evolution: Th,. Naturalization of Time Some Uses of Time in Anthropological Disc(JUTse Taking Srock: A thropotogical Discourse and the Denial rff Coroniness 25
Chapter 2: Our Time, Their Time, No Time: Coevalness Denied
21 1J

37 38

Circumventing Coevalness: Cultural Relativit)' Prumpting Coeval:ness: Cultural Taxcmom),

Chapter 3: Time and Writing Aoout the Other


Contradiction: Real or Apparent TemjxJraiiUltion: l H

72 74

eam or End?

Time and Tense: The Ethrwgraphic Present


In My Time: Ethnography and the Autobiographic Past 87 Politics if Time: The Tempoml Wolf in Taxonomic Sheep's Clothing 97
Chapter 4: The Other and the Eye: Time and the Rhetoric of Vision



109 114

MttJwd and ViJiol1

Space and Memory: Topo; of Discourse
Logic ar .'\rml1gtmenl: Kn(m:ltdge Visib/€

Vide et lmpem: The Other




"T/u Symbol Btlongs to the Orient": Symbolic Anthropology in Hegel's Aesthetic 12} The Other as leon: The Care of "Symholu Anthropology" 131


Chapter 5: Conclusions
Retrospect and S ummary 144


Issues/or Debate

152 156

Coeualness: Points of Departure

Notes References Cited Index

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Preface and Acknowledgments
"YOIl Set, m} fnmd," Mr. BOW1derby pld in


art the

ltind of pwple who knuw the val1M of time, and you art' tht ltind oj people who dQ71't know the vallU! of fi�," "/ MUll not," retorted Mr. Childers, 'after m11it)'mg him frmn huul

ifyou mean tho.t you can makt mort lIumq of your time than I can of mim, I slwuldjudgefrom your appearance that )'OU art about to foot, "/he h01Wur of Imtr.,JJ ing JOu--but right. "

Charles Did.ens Hard Tinw

WHEN THEY APPROACH the problem of Time. certain philosophers feel the need to fortify themselves

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