Tpe : the evolution of women in advertising

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I chose for my presentation to study the evolution of women in advertising. To do this, i decided to build my presentation on a comparison between advertising representative of women in the fiftiesand women in the two thousandies.

At first i studied the advertising of the fifties at the time when the woman bloomed principally in her family circle, her home. With her entrance in the consumersociety mark the necessity to use advertising. To sell products it’s necessary to show the originality or give desire to become the women that they see in adverts. At the beginning, women were notreally represented; they were used by drawings more or less well done.
But women didn’t pose herself on advertising. Even if, it was only about presentations their pictures were used to make money
Inmaggi advertising the woman is smiling, she seem happy or we can thinks she is a handmaid with her white apron, Here the woman boast the idea of the woman must doing the cook it’s not a strainedbut most a pleasure! Like in the advertising of joseph millat where the accent it’s put on a united family he father and two children who’re waiting the mother, who is bringing The dinerThe advertisinghere show the good Function of the woman in the family She should preparing cook, be happy, The advertising use the woman’s like an Example of success in familial life then there had then there was arelative evolution when we show Perrier and bourgeois’ adverts. The woman goes out of the familial part she go out alone or with men. In Perrier the woman mark an evolution with her posture and hersetting are more suggestive: she invite them implicitly to drink with her. In bourgeois the message is different: the man seems satisfy to the effect of the product on the Woman. The message of thisadvertising it’s if the woman uses this product the Man fined her attractive. She became wanted. Women extend her consummation. Moreover this last advertising is for women but also for men who wants...
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