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Few months ago, a movie called an Inconvenient truth, was in the movie theater, presenting many alarming facts about the earth global warming. Besides global warming, another aspect of our modern civilization is even more alarming and people seem to forget about it. In this paper, we will try to present the most beautiful and amazing forest on this earth which is the tropical rainforest. We will first try to define what is considered as a tropical rain forest. Then, we will discus the structure of this forest. After that, we will consider the different growth forms in the tropical rain forest as well as the different tree characteristics of these forests. We will, furthermore, give some examples of trees and animals. Finally, we will discuss the importance of the tropicalrain forest as well as the danger facing these forests today.

First, let’s try to define tropical rain forest. As many do not know, the real “scientific” name for tropical rain forest is tropical or subtropical moist broadleaf forest, tropical rain forests can also be called tropical wet forest. If someone looks for a definition on internet, he will find that tropical rainforest are defined as tropical forest biome. In addition, this biome includes several types of forests. Others will define the tropical rain forest as a forest of tall trees in a region of year-round warmth. Still other will define it as a very dense, warm wet forest. As we will discuss the biome of the tropical rain forest, we will understand the complexity of giving a simple short definition of therain forest. Probably, the best definition that can be given is a simple list of the ecologic conditions needed in a rain forest. Consequently, we will begin our definition by discussing all the important conditions that allowed the rise of tropical rain forests. The first and probably most important condition is the very high rainfall over the year; some say that it is almost always raining in atropical rain forest. In average, rain forests get over two meters of rain each year. In addition, the rain is evenly distributed throughout the year in a tropical rain forest. The second most important condition is the temperature of the rain forest; the temperature of tropical rain forest ranges between 24°C and 27°C. Basically, it never freezes and never gets very hot. The last most importantcondition of the rain forest is its soil. Tropical rain forests have a 7 to 10cm thick soil and this soil is ancient. In addition, geographic location of the rain forest can help us differentiate between tropical and other rain forest, tropical rain forest will obviously found in the tropics. In conclusion, tropical rain forest could be define as a forest with a very high precipitation range, aspecific range of temperature along the year, indicated above, a seven to ten centimeters thick ancient soil and it has to be found in the tropics.
Now let’s discuss some more specific details about the several conditions required for a tropical rain forest to grow. As we mentioned above, there are three general conditions for a rain forest to survive heat, rain and soil. Although we did notmention this condition, the first and most important condition for any plants and consequently any forests is the sunlight. The tropics receive a lot of sunlight which is due principally to their location. In the tropics, there is little variation in the amount of sunlight during the day throughout the year. The time of the sun setting and rising does not vary much more than about an hour of thesame time every day. This constant sunlight results high temperature throughout the whole year, one of the requirement for tropical rain forest to grow. Furthermore, the fact that the amount of sunlight does not vary a lot throughout the year provides also a constant range of temperature from year to year. We can clearly see here how sunlight, the constant source of energy for plants, and...
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