Two good neighbours are worth more than a far friend.

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Two good neighbours are worth more than a far friend.
Euregion is a partnership of cross-border cooperation. The “Meuse-Rhine” Euregion is the most exciting and complex one.
The “Meuse-Rhine”Euregion is composed by:
* The Bundesland Nordrhein Westfalen of Germany
* The province of Limburg of the Netherlands
* The provinces of Limburg and Liege
The most important cities of theMeuse-Rhine Euregion are Aachen, Liege, Hasselt and Maastricht.
There are 4 million inhabitants with three different cultures and three different languages in that Euregion.
There are 4 differentadvantages of the cross-border cooperation in the Euregion.
1. Cooperation of the fire brigades
2. Cooperation for medical treatment (hospital)
3. Drugs control
4. Cooperation in order toreact in a better way to problems of dutch young people concerning houses
A new Euregional Interreg project called “RECES” was created. This project aims at linking organizations in the fields ofsocial integration and inclusion to exchange expertise.
But there is problem; in fact even if students made a lot of international things during their studies, after their graduations, they generallylook for a job in their countries. Another thing is that sometimes employers look after someone of their country or also sometimes if people work in foreign countries they don’t work as well than aperson living in that country because of the language, culture…
The six universities in the “Meuse-Rhine” Euregion understood the importance of preparing their students of social work very well for theEuregional labour markets.
So a project funded by European Interreg for international cooperation was created. This project is called the “project E CSW”, the Euregional Certificate Social Work. Theaim of this project is to establish a common “Euregional Differentiation” course concerning Social work training in the “Meuse-Rhine” Euregion. Students are offered a concrete and exciting way to...
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