Video cameras ?

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Since the last few years, we are being watch everywhere we go. For exemple, “google street view” and a few others that i dont remember the name. All that to say, that we are being watch or filmed atevery time of the day. The question today is should we keep or take off the video cameras in school’s ? I think that we should keep them because there will be less crime pourcentage. In the nex threeparagraphs, i will give you my arguments, to prove to you that my opinion is the best.

First of all, i think it is better to keep the cameras, because if somebody gets rob or gets mudered and thathe runs away. Well if ou have a cameras that saw the guy , well justice will be made. It also give you a more high percentage chance to find the muderer. Than if you had no idea of who it could be,plus you have a proof. Plus people will be scared to commit crime because they know that there is camera’s everywhere. This is what conclude’s my first argument, on why we should keep the video cameras.Second of all, i think we should keep them because its more safe. People i the street feel more safe walking in the street knowing that there is cameras everywhere. But some criminal dont care,they still commit crime, but that is there problem. Another reason why we should keep them is because, it give us a way to watch people, like if you think your’e wife is cheating on you well you cansee where she goe’s without leaving your house. But some people say its not good because there is pedophile’s. Well let’s be honest between me and you, you know that everybody has acess to thatprogram, plus it gives you one more reason not to hang in the street at night. But that is only one bad think within many positive effects.These is what conclude my second argument.

Third of all, weshould keep the cameras because, it help’s us restore peace into big town and city’s. What I mean by that, is if you put video cameras in the town everywhere, well you reduce traffic accident, burning...
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