Walmart case study

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Walmart Case Study
Mathieu Leonelli


Since created in 1962 Walmart core value has always been known as they were helping people save money so they can have a better life. In this report Mike Duke, the current CEO, want to deliver a new message: How Walmart is focused on sustainability and the strategy adopted for the future to keep improve those efforts.

Walmartleads in sustainability thanks to a very aggressive strategy. They are taking in account every stakeholder and see how they can improve their relations in order to create or enhance the sustainability of this one. They are making efforts and progresses on every front in the same time: environment, social, ethic, …

Task one
I will discuss those actions by comparing them to the Taylor andFayol’s management.
Regarding the social aspect of sustainability Walmart has implemented a strategy and based his values essentially around the Fayol’s kind of management. First of all the employees are called associates as part of making them feel more involved in the company. Walmart is providing training and opportunities for the employees in order to give them the possibility to evolve in thecompany. As the report said almost 75 percent of store management team in the U.S. started as hourly associates. Walmart is making the employee more concerned about the company strategies because he is the one in contact day after day with the customer and the one in the best place to give information about customer feeling and feedback. As Walmart have quantitative and qualitative goals, huge numbersof suppliers and a presence in so many different countries they are using Fayol’s management to plan, organize, command, coordinate and control all the income and outcome of their business.
Nevertheless there is still a presence of Taylor’s management, especially when it comes to cut prices on product. Walmart, while asking for transparency from its suppliers, is breaking down in little part ofthe life of the product and make sure that every different action is at the lowest price possible and in accordance with the quality and sustainable objectives set.

Walmart wants to be recognized as the leader in sustainability, to achieve this objective and to maintain it they have developed different strategy. They believe sustainability has become a major actor in business and can nolonger be avoid. They want to create a value which will be ethical and for the long-term without renouncing at their core values which were quality products for small prices. In this report Walmart is showing that they have understood their responsibilities regarding the different stakeholders and they are even going further by proposing solutions to improve their conditions.
In order to create thisvalue Walmart has set major sustainable goals which can be analyze frequently to follow the evolutions of progress, for example the 3 environmental goals: supplied 100 percent by renewable energy; to create zero waste; and to sell products that sustain people and the environment. They are involving every stakeholder, every associate in this mission. From farmers in china, through the improvementof the fleet to the distribution of reusable bags everyone is a part of the process to create the value and help to achieve the sustainable goals. By involving all the stakeholders Walmart is succeeding a great deal as they manage to make everyone aware they are doing good actions to have a better business.

Walmart is the biggest employer in the world but it is also the company with thebiggest turn over. They are doing great by taking care of the suppliers, training them, proposing solutions and cutting the middleman. They manage to reach a sustainable solution while keeping the price low and a correct quality of the products on the shelves. Using the system of charities and sponsoring is a good solution to increase people awareness and obtain sustainable results on communities....
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