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-Walter Elias Disney better known under the name of Walt Disney was a producer, director, scriptwriter,actor,cartoonist and the(?) founder of(?) The Walt Disney Company.

-He came from Chicago at(?) Illinois and is Irish origin.

-At the outset for Walt,Disney must be create exclusively (only ?) cartoon(s) which include the creation of so many new caracters.For example, with his trademark character Mickey Mouse or more recently with (WALL-E).

-(Later) with the success,the company has diversified his product(s) like toys,(peluche),clothes,bags,dishes,keychain, videogames and board games.With that the (undertaking) focus mainly on the children since catch them.Nevertheless that make for adult too such as cartoon.

-Thanks to Disney's expanding ,gradually, many amusement Park open their doors in several country(ies?) for better ((more)) know it.

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