What are the 20 standards of a successful team

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what are the 20 standards of a successful team.

1. Common Goal: Team must be able to define a common goal while sharing the same values. Being able to focus on the common goal.

2. TeamOrganization: Agree to and set up ground rules. Develop an effective planning and time management that will allow the team to meet deadlines and to enter into realization phase.
Define roles andresponsibilities between team members; find a manner for everyone to feel valuable within the team. (According to each ones skills, desires). Defining roles is applicable to every game during the integrationweek: rallying cry, polytech game, brick game, square game, etc.

3. Brainstorming & Creativity: Brainstorm together with confidence, dare to be crazy and creative, think big, keep records of allideas.
Example: Each team presentation and the outcome of a polytech game were the results of collective creativity and brainstorming.

4. Effective Communication: Listen to everyone in theteam. Practice effective communication: explain what you are doing, ask if you do not understand what is going on, say what you do and do what you say.
Example: this standard was applied for all thegames during the integration week: rallying cry, polytech game, brick game, square game, etc.

5. Consensual Solution: Analyze all solutions and ideas recorded during the brainstorming; explore alloptions, including innovative and creative proposals. Strive to agree collectively on one solution, always look for consensus.

6. Conflict Resolution: Express disagreements without necessarilyslowing down the team progress. Solution oriented resolution of conflict shall be preferred.
Example: During the polytech game this standard was applied the most.

7. Mobilized Commitment: Full timefull commitment of each member. Being participative, contribute actively to the task, collaborate.
8. RELATIONSHIP within the TEAM: Keep it professional. Be honest to yourself and to the others at...
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