Why do you think it's important to keep dialect existing ?

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SUSS English Monday, November 8th

Subject: Do you think it’s important to keep dialects existing?
Sincemany centuries peoples are speaking some dialects, it’s a language that just some people could understand. With the time this sort of language disappears but some old people in general continue tospeak dialects. Dialect are not teaching at school, this is not considers like a real language. Does it important to keep dialects exist?
On the one hand, I think it is not useful to know how to speaka dialect because it is not wide-spread so we can use it just with some people and in a small area. For example the dialect of Lorraine is just practice in Lorraine, and for my part I don’t know howto speak dialect. If one day we go in another country nobody can’t understand us if we just speak dialect, it is more important to speak English because almost everybody understand English. Somedialects are a mixture of two languages, in New-York the Hispanic speak the Spanglish, it is a mix of Spanish and English. In general Spanglish is used by uneducated people; this sort of language is notgood for the development and creates a lot of problem at school.
On the other hand, dialects are beautiful language; it’s pleasant to hear Spanglish. The rarity of dialects returns this languageinteresting, it is cool to know how to speak a dialect but it is not very use, it is just general knowledge. Nowadays the Flemish is very used in Belgium; this is a rare dialect that we can still hear. Itis a mix of Dutch dialects.
To my opinion it is not important to keep dialects existing because nowadays nobody used this language. I think that it is more important to know how to speak French andEnglish well rather learn to speak a dialect. It is a loss of time to learn a dialect. Furthermore some dialects like Spanglish creates educated problem, only 14 percent of Latino students in New...
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