Why the caged bird sings

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Analysis: “Why the caged bird sings “

In 2006, statistical studies showed that above all the American population, there were nearly 28 million people of Mexican origin and the illegal immigration has contributed to increase the weight of the Hispanic community in America. Until now, the USA has always been a heaven of peace for immigrants where they feel like it’s a paradise by the way Americans build an attractive image about their lifestyle. This phenomenon is well represented by the story of Ana in the text “Why the caged bird sings“ taken from an American magazine written by Alain Zarembo and published on September 2001. We will begin our text analysis by telling Ana’s journey to get illegally to the north side of America, then we’ll see how Ana started everything from scratch to become a rich businesswomen and finely we’ll talk about the consequences of her leave to the US. * Like the case of Ana, unemployed and poor Mexican people are usually tempted to join the American land because of its plenty opportunities of well paid work. Indeed, six years ago Ana used to live in dire straits conditions in slums, below the poverty line and she couldn’t even support her family decently with the $100 she earned. That’s the reason why she decided to cross the border with all its risks and to flee her life of misery. Of course she had to be fully determinate and courageous since that journey was not that simple: “Ana crawled into the United States through a moonlight drainpipe trudged across the Arizona desert scrunched onto the floor … “. At first she didn’t mean to stay long, that was to pay back her sister who paid the smuggler and to earn money to pay her debts. But arriving there, she realized she cannot return home because of her illegal and undocumented situation.

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