Wimax marketing strategy

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Adaptation into foreign markets has always been a primary goal for corporations around the world; though doing so does not come without its sets of challenges. Especially over the past decade, China has been seen as a Mecca for potential investment and profit. Based on these incentives for a successful move to a foreign market, many corporations are looking to the East to furthertheir product’s potential. However, such an ordeal cannot be considered without a carefully thought through course of action and marketing strategy. It is with this intention in mind that we now construct the steps that must be taken in order for Motorola’s WiMAX telecommunication technology to be successful in the Chinese market. Indeed, this new market is one that which is culturally, politicallyand economically different from that of the more familiar domestic markets that have already been conquered.

Company Description
What started as the humble Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928 by founders Paul and Joseph Galvin later turned into the telecommunications tycoon Motorola. With its headquarters based in Schaumburg, Illinois, Motorola provides services such as wireless,automotive and electronic communication systems and devices. Motorola also manufactures, researches and caters to public markets and wireless enterprises in such aspects as hardware and software services. Likewise, Motorola functions within six different corporate segments: personal communications; global telecom solutions; commercial, government and industrial solutions; integrated electronicsolutions, broadband communications as well as a variety of other products. Motorola is known around the world for innovation in communications. The company develops technologies as well as products and services that make the mobile experience possible. Motorola’s portfolio includes construction of communications infrastructures, enterprise mobility solutions, digital set-tops, cable modems, mobiledevices and Bluetooth accessories. Motorola is committed to delivering next generation communication solutions to people, businesses and governments across the globe.

Strategic Focus and Plan
Motorola’s Vision:
Motorola hopes to use WiMAX technology in order to give customers the benefits of high-speed communication in the form of one cohesive Internet provider. Whether the user utilizes thistechnology for personal or professional reasons, Motorola seeks to provide a solution to incorporate many facets of media use into one service device. Indeed, by having telecommunication providers feature WiMAX technology, Motorola hopes to become the market leader in wireless broadband capability.
Corporate Goals:
One of the corporate goals of Motorola for the WiMAX technology is to turncities across the world into one Internet accessible hot spot. Motorola seeks to provide every customer with the chance of having his own “personal broadband” experience. Likewise, that experience will have the high standards of rich applications and incomparable coverage to enhance the needs of people in both residential and metropolitan neighborhoods. Finally, Motorola’s over-arching goal is tokeep WiMAX technology affordable and obtainable for people in a variety of economic and social classes.
Core Competencies:
With WiMAX, Motorola has the tools needed to ignite the global evolution of wireless broadband. Numerous organizations have contributed to the research and development of WiMAX in order to create an open, collaborative standard of technology. Some core competencies includethe ability for WiMAX to deliver exceptional performance with some of the most advanced telecommunications technologies available. Also, there are remarkable cost advantages that can be obtained through the use of WiMAX’s low-complexity design. Finally, the low-cost WiMAX chipsets aid in WiMAX’s ability to saturate all types of consumer electronics and push for the next wave of mobile broadband...
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