Work placement summary

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Work Placement Summary

Employer description

My work placement took place in Paris within the purchasing team of a company called XXXX. XX is one of the largest facility service providers in France. The Company operates in 83 countries and employs more than 40.000 people in France alone and has over 200 agencies spread nationwide The Company’s portfolio of activities comprises:- Cleaning
- Landscaping
- Property services
- Support services
- Facility services

Date of placement

From the 17th of January to the 18th of July 2011 on a full time basis.

Description of the placement

XXX Purchasing structure was established in 2009 which makes it a very young structure in comparison with the company 21 years of operating in France. Therecent creation of the purchasing department in the company inducts the fact there was no cost control for over 75% of the commodities. I was recruited to support two purchasing managers for the landscaping and property services divisions in their day to day business activities. During the placement, I was given the opportunity to deal with both indirect and direct cost which made my placementcomplete and very interesting.

Duties Performed

During my placement I was given a various ranges of duties to perform. My placement was thus broken down as followed:
Organisational tasks
For this part of my work, my main task was to assist the Property services purchasing manager in the standardization of the planning and supply process for all XXX divisions. The aim of the project was to put theordering procedure under control by:
- Harmonizing the supply process
- Setting up a frame within which internal users in agencies could order the good product, from the good supplier and at the right price
- Setting up a support desk to deal with agencies daily queries regarding their orders
- Elaborating a reporting system based on reliable data.

What did I really do?- I designed the ordering process which was validated by my tutor. The ordering process detailed the steps to be followed by internal requesters from the submission of a purchase order to the delivery of the products
- I designed the purchase order form and defined all the mandatory and complementary information to be filled in by requesters and, the control criteria.
- Icreated a document that gathered all of the company’s commodities to establish a product list which I then coded based on the model chosen by the purchasing director
- I realised the communication package for the promotion and the deployment of the project within agencies.

Negotiation tasks

Negotiation was the most operational part of my placement. I was appointed to carry out severaltenders on the behalf of purchasing managers. (Every step of my work was validated by the referent in charge)

Tender 1: Landscaping division: The aim of this project was to secure the purchasing for plant species. Scope 10 millions of Euros
What did I really do?
- I carried out an analysis of agencies expenditures for 2010( Expenditure per agencies and per supplier)
- I analyzed thesupplier flow (Are they distributors or manufacturers? where are they based? What is the impact on the transport fees?)
- I build a business case that was presented to board the boardroom
- Once the project was approved, I wrote the specifications for the tenders, I also attended a plants exhibit with the landscaping purchasing director to meet with suppliers, I send out the tenders tothe 12 pre-selected suppliers
- I participated in the negotiation scheme and in the final business attribution process
- I finally wrote the internal communication package to inform agencies on the new referenced suppliers and the new policy regarding plants orders

Tenders 2: Property services divisions: various tenders for building sites materials and fire protection materials...
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