Would it be possible to live whithout teckonlogy

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Sujet : would it be possible to live whithout technology ?

For many centuries ,the world is affected by a lot of changes thanks to new technologies. For example tv appearedfor the first time in january 1926,the phone was created in 1912. All these inventions are recent ,but they have changed our lives . today the housework is easier,work is also ,so it is less painful.Nowodays life is cool. The technology is so used that it become undispensable . we might ask ourselves if we can live whitout technologies ?
Intially we will see that it’s possible to livewithout modernity objects like in the past . secondly we will study why it is impossible to live withwout modernity.

We know that in the last decades all these technologies did notexist,nevertheless the world worked very well. Indeed people were quiet,they had lands ,they cultivated,sold their crops,thanks to this they earned a little money. The society was simple but at least everyonewas satisfied and lived happily. We can even say that the earth was better wihtout technology,there was less pollution ,less problems ,less economic crises ,less wars… In fact life was moredifficult and the working conditions were harder but worked by the sweat of their brow and they knew the true value of money.
Nowodays families are separated because of the technolgy ,for example there arechildren on computers, others watching tv and others listening to music … in fact there is not a family spirit . whereas before there was respect ,the family values were important and family wasunited.
So The way of living before the modrnity was healthier.

However we can’t live today without technology. First we can stop the progress,then the scientific discovery must be used. Thanksto technolgy society can have developement . Countries earn a lot of money thanks to economic developement .
Moreover life is easier ,when we need something at any time we can find it in...
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