Yireld management

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Yield Management for UK based Tour Operators
Yield Management is a science that still needs discovering. The study of Yield Management has been mainly conducted with commercial purposes of integration in hotels and airlines. Not much has been written about the implementation of yield management on tour operators. This work discusses the application of yield management on tour operators and in particular, directly applied to the prices of packaged holidays. The scientific method is the study of a solution to an encountered problem by conducting background research. The biggest issue that tour operators are facing is the drop in price competitiveness to airlines and hotels which have implemented Yield Management and are advertising on the internet, where independent bookings are now much easier, leading to a trend of tourists’ self-made packages, known as quasi-packages, which are purchased in advance and normally cheaper than tour operators can offer.
The literature review aims to recognize the materials that have been written about yield management for tour operators so far, the role of tour operators in the UK Economy, the importance of Yield Management on the Airline and Hotel Industry as well as all of the ingredients that Tour Operators require to Implement Yield Management. The methodology section explains why the interviews were the chosen method, how the sample was chosen and which obstacles were overcome in order to collect relevant qualitative data. Following are the results where the findings are stated, the discussion which compares the literature with the interviews and the conclusion, which clarifies if the hypotheses is viable or not.

Literature review
Eric Laws: An academic claiming yield management for tour operators.
The number of existent literature on yield management for tour operators is not vast and the few texts that are available are not up to date. Eric Laws, who is an academic and a writer, has suggested the

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