A good man is hard to find (fiche oral)

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Short story called « A Good Man Is Hard To Find » has been written by Flannery O'Connor, southern writer of 20th century, in 1955, 3rd personnarrativ
American novelist, short story writer and essayist, from a catholic family, influenced by Poe. Uses elements of grotesque and empathy (ex. Hutchback of Notre Dame)
story of a grandmother reads newspaper : criminal calls « The Misfit »
-GM & family (her son, his wife, his two children & the baby) leave to Florida (playing games, GM explainchildren are not respectful with their native state, tells about a man, Mr. Edgar Atkins who had courted her)
-stopped at « the Tower », Red Sammy's & his wife's restaurant, GM spoke about « TheMisfit », RD says he'd be not suprised if he came here
-GM saw old house towards plantations : family's silver hidden in the house
-BREAK : accident of the car, GM reminded her the house was inTenessee not in Georgia
-a car stopped with 3 men : GM recognized « the Misfit » who seem familiar to her
her son, Bailey, go into woods and died
- GM started become crazy, said him topray Jesus, he's a good boy => alone with « The Misfit »
- Misfit killed GM (says that he was « her son »)

« Southern Gothic » = gothic literature mixes horror & romance (Poe)
uniqueto American literature, both empathy and disgust
way to explore social and cultural issues and the South
American South : social issue race relations + Civil War (big influence 1920's :antebellum literature « damsel in mistress », « chivalrous gentleman », « heroic knight »
« Grotesque » = meaning small cave or hollow
William Faulkner (influence FO'C), influal Southern writersgrotesque characters : Elephant Man, Gollum, the Beast (Beauty & the Beast)

« The story is a duel of sorts between the GM and her superficial beliefs and the Misfit's more profoundly felt...
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