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Hero in Everyday Life

The definition of a hero is someone who risks their life for what they believe in. Whether it be for a good cause or a bad one, if they fight for their opinion, there is apiece of heroism in them. The epics, The Odyssey and The Iliad have heroic villains and good heroes who do the right thing. Men or women, children or old people, there is a hero in every story who makesa person think about their actions.
In The Iliad, there are many possible heroes. Agamemnon, the leader of the Achaean army and King of Mycenae, is a possible hero. He shows his manly, confidentside by taking Achilles war prize, thus causing a disaster for the Achaeans. Agamemnon showed leadership qualities and courage. He was selfish in taking Achilles war prize from him like a bully,showing his stubbornness for the repercussions that would result in the wrath of Achilles.
Another option for the hero of The Iliad is the commander of the Myrmidons, Achilles. He is the son of a militaryman and a sea-nymph. Being half God, you would think that Achilles is a mighty warrior who dominates everyone, but in this case he is not. He is offended easily and his temper is shown greatly whenAgamemnon takes Briseis from him. When Achilles feels threatened, he withdraws from the war and does not want to go back out and fight because his pride is injured. . His mom Thetis let him choosebetween a long and peaceful life or with a short but glorious life. As you know he picked the second one, which is the glorious one.
I believe that the true hero of The Iliad is Patroclus, Achillesbeloved friend, companion, and advisor. When Achilles pride is hurt and runs away debating his usefulness in the war, Patroclus puts on Achilles armor in an attempt to hold the Trojans back. He does wellat first killing off some soldiers, but gaining confidence, he faces his fate and is killed on the battlefield. A true hero fights for what he believes in whether it be to the death or to victory....
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