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Hints for the Study of Fundamentals of Management

The course is worth 10 credits. Each credit assumes about 10 hours’ study. So you should devote about 100 hours work to the course. However,there will be substantial individual differences between students. If it is a new subject, your first language is not English or the subject is not congenial to your abilities, you will need to spendmore time studying.

With a 10 credit course spread over a 12 week semester, you should devote about 9 hours per week to studying Fundamentals Of Management. Distribute this time as follows:
|Twohours must be spent attending lectures. The lectures are the centrepiece of the learning system. Generally they give a |
|good overview of the topic and indicate the parts and style of the subjectthat are most relevant to your particular course. |
|They give you a chance to ask questions and find out information from fellow students. Often, important announcements are |
|made duringlectures. It is important to attend all lectures – especially during because they often give information about |
|exams. Missing lectures is closely related with moral is clear. Skip lectures and youare likely to waste the next summer |
|doing resits – a mug’s game |
|Spend one hour on theWebinar - the discussions or exercises set by your lecturers. If nothing is set, spend an hour on the |
|Web activities given at the end of the appropriate chapter of the text ‘Fundamentals ofManagement’ |
|Spend two hours reading handouts and your lecture notes. Do not be passive. Read the handouts and your notes.  Then write out |
|what you can remember. Compare yourrecall with the handouts and your notes. |
|Spend two hours reading the appropriate pages of the course text. You will not be told which pages to...
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