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The history of Aloe runs back to the times of the Kings. The testimonials from the history show us that our ancestors have used Aloe to cure diseases. It is probably the most miraculous plant withhealing properties. Aloe which has its origins in Northern Africa has about 300 species. At present, Aloe is widely grown in many parts of the world for commercial purposes. Among them, Aloe Barbadensismiller plant is the most popular variety for its medicinal value.
Aloe belongs to the Lily family although it shows the signs of a cactus plant. The Aloe leaves are fleshy and they carry a pulplike gel with an unpleasant smell. To take out the gel, the leaves are carefully washed and cleaned before slicing them open. The Aloe juice is 95% water and the rest 5% is the solid pulp. The fresh pulpcan be used as it is. But Aloe can be found in many forms such as creams, lotions, sprays, ointments and even pills on today’s market.
Aloe Barbadensis miller contains many valuable properties suchas acids, lipids, enzymes, ultra nitrogen, minerals and vitamins that are in favour of the human body. Amino acids help in growth and repair of the body. Lipids affect the cell structures. Enzymesenable helpful chemical reactions inside the body. Aloe has Vitamin E, A, C,B1, B2, B6 and B12. Ultra nitrogen helps in pain killing.
Aloe Barbadensis miller plant provides a number of benefits. Peoplehave been using this plant for treating various medical conditions. It can be either used internally or externally. Aloe is a natural laxative when taken internally. It regulates the blood circulationand it is beneficial for the human immune system since it contains elements that provide antibacterial, antiviral and analgesic protection. Aloe is good for digestive problems and diabetes too.When it comes to skin care, Aloe which is dearly nicknamed as the “Fountain of Youth” is the number one natural remedy that is trusted by millions of people. It is the most wanted friend of the beauty...
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