First trip

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First trip to Viet Nam

Viet Nam, the country of dawn, the place where i went for the first time when i was ten. The perfect age to discover something new; the age of innocence, curiosity, naïvety,shyness, abstraction of judgement. It was a good feeling to visit this country; especially when half part of your family leave there. I remember have missed one month of class to go there. 1998, iwas in the airplane from Paris to Saigon, the exploration could start. At this time, i did not realize that it was going to change my life.

Arrived in Saigon's airport; hot humid air, coconut treeseverywhere, abundance of people in the street, motorbikes rushing by, bicycles and cyclos all arround the road.
- Is there a moto race? I asked to my mum.
- No sweetie, here it is more practicaland people do not have enought money to buy a car, she answered me.
- And why people are looking at me like that?
- Don't worry, it's not because they are hungry, it is just to let you know that theyare here.
I remembered not to be very confident. I was intimidated by peoples's pride, but we did not spend a lot of times in the capital, just a few hours. My mother's family leaved in the south,so we started to travel by bus and to go down through the country. During the ride, i did not say anything. I was looking over the window, observing the landsapes, peoples, lifestyle. I felt foreignerfor the first time of my life, I had no landmarks. After three hours of crossing the country, we finally arrived in "Long An"; the small village of my family's home. It was arround 1pm when we leftthe car. Fifteen minutes was remaining by walk to reach the house because the car could not ride thought the forest. The house were located deep in the campaign and at this time there was no road toaccess. A few minutes later, we finally arrived.

Everyone were waiting for us in front of the house. How impressive it was! arround thirty people waiting our arrival. In addition to the long...