An interesting experience with food

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Correction: An interesrting experience with food
f you ask me to describe myself, to explain what my passions are, I will spend the given time talking about travel. I think that it is the thingwhich portrays me in the best way. My parents have given me this passion, with the trips we have made for years. And even if we have traveled in every possible way (the backpacker to the clubMediterranée) I think that I can’t define myself like an adventurer. Being Indiana Jones raises the question of food which is very important for me. I’m not keen on trying new sensations, new tastes, when itmeans eating weird animals, or something disgusting. However I have tried, and sometimes I was aware that I was eating something strange, but not all the time. Let me relate two anecdotes.
The firstone is, I think, the funniest one. The scene takes place in Katmandu in Nepal. With my sister and my parents, we had eaten “noodles” for days, and I was fed up with that. My family had chosen arestaurant in what we call a hash house, a small restaurant. But I, the young rebellious son, had a small tantrum. My father told me that it was not a problem and if I wanted to play this game he would playwith me. He gave me some rupees. I decided to pace up and down in the street until I found something edible. I found a snack trolley man, who sold skewers. There was something for every taste, andall the colors were there. What’s more, to defend myself, because can guess that I ate something weird, it smelt good. I took a random sample of the skewers, I came back to the restaurant and I ate infront of my father, proud of myself ( I have to add that I was 12, so being independent was crucial for me). My father burst into laughter, and whispered something to my mother that I couldn’t hear. Iate something weird, it was sweet and salted, crunchy in places, and chewy in other places. When we finished, my father explain to me that I should ask before buying confit ears of pigs. Actually it...