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Task 1
For beginning I agree with the following statement but I think there ideas are complementary
Life is not fair, and in this world, have relations is thekey of success .In fact, if you know influent people, a lot of door will be open and a lot of the difficulty will be disappear. They concerned every kind of success, likebecoming a celebrity and more obviously in business. Indeed, the business world is too big , and a lot of talented pretender work hard for success. For make the difference, thereare two choices. Be more talented than the other but adversity is rough or having influent contacts. The second choice, is more easy but for having contacts, you need chance,sympathy and conversation .More precisely, for meet contacts, you have to dating knowing place or knowing establishment like for example, an famous high school.
However, beeducated it’s very important too, because it’s essential for made contact. In fact, its complementary, you can’t have contact if you know nothing. For impressive influentpeople, you need to be educated, knowing a lot of thing, and be able to talk about everything. If you don’t made the difference with the others people, you can’t have relation. Ithink this system is unfair, many talented and worker people can’t have the possibility to make contact because they don’t have enough money or they don’t have enough chance forattend knowing place or something. On the contrary, they are some people who are less educated and talented than others people and having great success because they know veryimportant people. It’s the rude law of this word.
To conclude, for success I think, knowing things and knowing peoples, working well in adequacy even if they are exception .