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In which country is the story set? Justify by quoting from the text. The story takes place in India. We may say so because of a couple of elements. First, two castes are mentioned which refer tothe Hindu caste system. What’s more, at the end of the text, the main character and his father are in the inner ashram yard, which belongs to a religious Hindu community.
Identify the differentmembers of the family. A family of three people is presented in the text. The son is the main character of the text. His parents have different social background: his mother belongs to a low castewhile his father is a member of the priestly caste in the Hindu caste system.
What sort of school did the boy attend? Who ran it? The main character went to a school named the missionschool. We may think that this school was not a Hindu school because his teachers came from Canada. Indeed, the difference of religion between his teachers and him is also mentioned. What’s more, theAmerican comic books which had been circulating in the mission school let us think that the school was run by Americans.
to go to the mission school was to be branded**… (l. 6) implies thatmission-school pupils were generally: e. ignored by other boys.
But as he grew up he understood more about the mission school and its position in the state. He understood more aboutthe pupils in the school. He understood that to go to the mission school was to be branded, and he began to look at his mother from more and more of a distance.
The more successful hebecame at school – and he was better than his fellows – the greater that distance grew
Willie dreamt about going to Canada, because he loved his teachers’ way of life. By picturing hisself in Canada, he was trying to imitate his teachers that he admired.
He began to long to go to Canada, where his teachers came from. How could Willie know so much about the life of a...