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How does Apple improve the value of its offering?
Apple has several good points that improve the value of its offering like the concept of its products. It concept is unique, Apple created a real atmosphere, a “world” around its products. All theirs products are design, very nice looking. They look like different and they are prime quality, in fact the price is very high. We can, also see thevalue of its offering with the slogan “think different”.
With the iPhone, Apple made different commercials available on the website, the particularity of the commercials is that each single commercial show us a different and exact sight of the product, it show us a very particular sight and when you are watching it you are kind of impressed. All those commercial have the same construction; thebeginning and the end are the same just as the music.
Apple improves the value of its offering also by the price of its products, they are very high, almost all the products made by Apple are expensive, that show us the prime quality of its products. Moreover, the Apple stores are very luxurious, very nice.
The ultimate point which shows us the value of the products is the notoriety. Apple hasone of the biggest notoriety in this sector of activity. For example, if you look over the website of the store “Boulanger” (which is selling the Apple ‘s products), and you want a product for listening music, you can see one special section called “iPod” but you will not see a section for each the other brands.
Apple really fits into the market.

How does Apple manage the key aspects of thecustomer experience?

Customer experience is very important to keep and develop loyalty with customers. Apple tries to make customer experience as comfortable as possible. Indeed we can notice that in the retail stores all the products are in evidence, well presented and people can touch them, what allow the customers to handle it and realise how it was made, the advantages and the inconvenientof the product.
Moreover there are a lot of place in the aisles and people can easily go round.

The store is very clean and luxurious and the big glass column in the middle of the store is magnificent. That gives the impression for the customer that he is not in a store but in library with a calm atmosphere.
Finally going to the retail store, customers can have better information becausesellers are only majored in Apple products.

The website gives also a good experience to the customer. Indeed, like in the retail store, products are well-presented; the customer can see the products over all sides.
In addition, there is all technical information about the products and it’s presented with a simple and clear way. It’s also possible to download technical supports about theproducts.
Ads allow the customer to discover products and its different using and long time videos with a man who present products are available.
Then the customer can engrave all he wants on the product to individualise it.
Finally, Apple provides easy way of payment: first it’s possible to have a visa card which assures all the advantages of a Visa® credit card, no interest for up to 90 daysfor day's purchase, iTunes reward points with every purchase, open line of credit up to $25,000, no prepayment penalty, no annual fee and flexible spending.
Moreover Apple provides education discounts for faculty, staff, and students. It make promotion (90€ discount buying a printer with a Mac), and offers financial options for individuals and professionals. Finally, Apple offers special deals.So we can say that Apple satisfies every customer needs: clear and easy information, easy payment and easy access to the product .

Give some examples of the synergy between the Apple Store on line and the retail stores owned by Apple?
We could previously see that Apple gives a good customer experience notably thanks to Apple store online and its retail stores.
So we can wonder what does the...