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It is not a joke but a serious study of the professor Marco Sampietro of the Bocchoni University on the fact that humor improves companies’performances. The thesis “Humor in International Project TEAM” says that the leadership is not weakened by the use of humor, but reinforced.

The good mood is sometimes like a major trend of management in“funky” companies like Apple, Yahoo or Google. A manager starts his intervention in public by a joke. In USA, a CIO or a manager who coach a team has to make them laugh, that belonged to his leadership.The company is a complex universe that often goes against the human one. Enthusiasm is often eliminated by excess from serious spirit and that limits the performances of the individuals. Manystudies prove that it supports the creativity. Humor also shows its effectiveness in the negotiation: a proposal is likely more to be heard if she is formulated in a humorous way.

A consultant inmanagement Serge Grudzinski created the company “The Humor Consulting Group”. He made laugh his goodwill. He explains why the laugh has the advantage of being universal.


The serious one is regarded as an attitude at minor risks. If a manager adopts a humorous attitude and that then a project fails, we will be tempted to bind this failure to the waste of timecaused by the general laugh.

On the contrary, a serious environment is not likely to be judged in the same way, the cause of the failure will not be allotted to the serious one.
Humor doesn’ttransform bad companies into goods but it makes environment more positive.


All is a question of proportioning. Too many jokes quickly will chip the serious image of the manager.Proportioned well, it reinforces the feeling of membership. It acts like a social corrective measure and we realizes that it is a very cultural concept.

Humor has to vary according to the...