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Tutorial 2. Assess your market with keyword research
Welcome to the second of our seven day series on getting the most out of your first week with Wordtracker. We’re going to show you how to analyzeyour market and identify potential niches that would be particularly profitable.

A classic rookie mistake in selling products and services online is to not appropriately segment your market. Takeauto makers as an example. Everyone needs to drive, but not everyone has the same needs. Families like the roominess of minivans whereas urban singletons opt for smaller, sexier

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Day 2. Assess your market with keyword research

It’s likely you chose your last car based on its safety record, mileage rating or whateverset of criteria was important to you. The key to success in selling cars or anything else is to narrowly target each of these groups and speak directly to them, and if you want your online businessto succeed you’ll have to first uncover the niches in your market and then decide which ones are worth pursuing.

Fortunately, Wordtracker helps you do both. We start with the blue keyword researchtool (the find Keywords tool) which can help identify which terms your audiences are actually searching on.

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Day 2. Assess yourmarket with keyword research

For example, say you were a bank and you were looking for opportunities in the lucrative credit card market. Rather than trying to target everyone who wants a creditcard, right behind 500 other banks, you need to do a bit of research in order to single out a couple of niches. Let’s check ‘include plurals’ so that it brings up both ‘credit card’ and ‘credit cards’and then select ‘exact keyword inside a search term’ to make sure that all keywords contain the exact phrase ‘credit card’.

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