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Norman Rockwell borns in New York The three februar in eighteen ninety-four and died in Stockbridge the eight november nineteen seventy eight,he is an American painter and illustrator. InThis Children, it provides natural predisposition for drawing and from nineteen eight to the Chase School of Fine and Applied Arts. In nineteen ten , he abandoned his studies at the ArtStudents League of New York, where he perfected his technique with George Bridgeman and Thomas Fogarty. At sixteen, he illustrated his first book and began a long association with themovement of the Boy Scouts of the United States.In nineteen sixteen he proposed his first magazine cover for The Saturday Evening Post. In Nineteen thirty-five, he illustrated the Roman of MarkTwain, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. In the nineteen fiftys he was looking as the most popular American artists and making portraits of Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nasser. He paints his TripleSelf Portrait: with a curveball, he paints himself in the process of painting by looking in a mirror. In Nineteen fifty-eight he painted The Runaway.The Nineteen sixtys saw the decline ofthe example in favor of photography and the change of director causes Rockwell leave Saturday Evening Post. In the end Nineteen sixtys, he worked for Look magazine and illustrates mostquestions related to the political convulsions of the period. His most famous illustration for Look is a black American girl going to school, escorted by federal agents, in the midstsegregationist. In the end of his life, he will still billboards and timing of the Boy Scouts until Nineteen seventy-six .


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Curveball=mise en abyme.
He paints himself in the process of painting by looking in a mirror = il se peint dans le processus de la peinture en regardant dans un miroir .