Cape town

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Cape Town is a city in South Africa and the provincial capital of the Western Cape. Cape Town, founded in 1652, is also considered as the mother city of South Africa.

Cape Town isbuilt on the shores of Table Bay at the foot of Table Mountain found itself in the north of the Cape of Good Hope at the southwestern tip of Africa and the climate is Mediterranean. Winters aremild and wet, and summer are hot and dry.
In Cape Town, the density is 1.425 inhabitants per square kilometer.
The town has an estimated population of 3.5 million inhabitants and the majority aremestizos.

Moreover skyscrapers and highways and have radically changed the face of Cape Town last fifty years, yet the city remains steeped in history.

It was in 1497 that Vasco da Gama setsail from Portugal, rounded the Cape and reached India, making him the first person to open the sea route from Europe to the East and proving that rounding the Cape of Good Hope did indeed providehope of reaching the riches of the East. Ever since, the Cape of Good Hope has been an important landmark for mariners and Table Bay at the foot of the majestic Table Mountain became, and still is,a haven where seafarers could seek shelter and take aboard fresh supplies of water and meat bartered from the Khoikhoi.

Today Cape Town is a major tourist attraction, offering visitors a widevariety of activities like watersports, fishing line, wine tasting , shopping.
The most pleasant time is summer, the month of October than in March, although some visitors do not stand too much heatfor the months of January and February. At year end, the cities become overcrowded because local holidaymakers descend into town for their summer holidays. Cape Town is famous for its colonialarchitecture, known as Cape Dutch (colonial architecture of Cape Town) and Victorian. The neighborhoods in this area are those most typical of Constantia and the city center and on Long Street.