Children and new technologies

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  • Publié le : 24 juin 2010
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according to me,children reflect heart's parents or a part of their parents.As time pass by,children are not the same , i think it's owing to mentally development,technology development and so on andso forth.
Moreover people don't like to be tired or waste much time in a little subject or problem.Also people don't like to waste time in traffic .
So we all guess that we are in air of "time ismoney. Even children are in the same way, we see a little child who is good in informatic or mathematic ect, thus parents don't need to spend much time with their children about lessons and somethinglike that.. Parents can better spend much time with their children when they have lunch or when they are in front of the television.
However children and developments of the world are so dangerouswhen children don't know how to speak with their parents or how to speak with old persons, forexample some children when they are in front of the computer or their "nintendos games",they take all theirtime to answer to the call of their parents or worse they don't come and answer. Because children think they are busy as their parents are when they are in office or another job's place. Thuschildren start to create some attitude of growing up or they think they are important like an autority.
And then technology development give another education to our children, because a child has more gamesmemories than lessons memories except some of them whom like mathematic. In plus this situation become worse when parents do their extra-work on their computers so they can't watch overhomeworks'children and upgrade them about life because everyday children find out or learn something about life so this child needs of this parents who wan tell him this is good,this isn't, by giving them theirown experiences of life.
In fact governments and authorities have to know how to reduce worktime in offices and increase family time in homes that's why i propose to them to give parents a part...