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Apple inc: marketing strategy

Apple history

A brief history

Established on April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, Apple is an american company that designs and markets Computer hardware and sofware, consumer electrics and digital distribution. On 2010 Apple employs about 50 000 people and had a profit of 14 billion USD.
At first thecompany was named « Apple computer inc » but the word computer was removed in the year 2007 to reflect the expansion on the consumer electronics.
The company released many products over the years such as the first macintosh in the year 1984 (Ridley Scott directed a commercial inspired by « 1984 » for this occasion) and the first macintosh portable computer (1989).
From 2001 Apple focused on theconsumer electronics: iPod (2001), iPhone (2007) and iPad (2010).

Steve Jobs

When people talks about Apple, it is really hard not to think about Steve Jobs who really became the image of the company.
Steve jobs, born February 24, 1955, is the perfect illustration of the american self-made man.
Adopted by a modest californian family, Steve Jobs is not graduated of any university.
He startedthe apple company in his parent's garage with his friend Steve Wozniak when he was 21 years old. Four years later Apple is listed and Steve Jobs became the yougest man in history to figure in the Fortune 400 (classification of the 400 most important fortune around the world).
In 1983, Steve Jobs hired John Sculley to serve as Apple's CEO. While Jobs was a persuasive and charismatic director forApple, some of his employees from that time had described him as an erratic and temperamental manager. In 1984 there is a deterioration in Job's working relationship with Sculley and the board of director decided to fire Jobs as head of the macintosh division. Before his return as Apple CEO in 1998( the company called him back because they were dealing with major difficulties), Jobs created twocompany: NeXT and the well-known Pixar.
Since Jobs return Apple is a helthy company and had launched some big commercial success like the iPod or the iPhone.
Steve Jobs is also quit popular because of his personnality. People call him: egomaniac, tyrant. A former colleague once said that jobs « would have made an excellent king of France ».
Jobs is both admired and criticized for his salesmanshipand his power of persuasion.
Jobs has often been parodied in popular culture because of his personnality and also because he always appears with the same clothes (turtleneck).

Apple's marketing techniques

Apple brand strategy

Apple has a brand strategy that focuses on the emotions. The apple brand personality is about lifestyle, imagination, liberty, passion and power-to-the-peoplethrough technology. The brand strategy is also about simplicity and people-driven product design. So steve Jobs and company are not just selling computers and consumer electronics: they are selling a lifestyle and an image as well.
The apple marketing team try also very hard to keep alive in the piblic conscious the idea of Apple's fun versus Microsoft's discipline.

Mac community

There is ahuge amount of mac addicts around the world and they all commnucicate thanks to several websites such as macforum, macaddict or macfinder. Apple is really loved by its consumer and the brand really use that love to turn the consumers into sellers.
Apple makes products with a really cool design that exceed people's expectation so people talk about it to their friends and family: it is a free word ofmouth marketing.
Of course it also could be a bad publicity when the product is not so expected. For example the iPad was not really a critic success when Apple decided to released some image and some featured of the tablet and when Aple's fans do not like a product, they say it clearly.

Keep a secret and make a buzz

Apple is a very secretive company. In the company employees have ta...