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March 8th, 2011 GOOGLE Dear, My name is ... and I have just completed my Bachelor's degree in Communication & Marketing in one of the top Communication school in France ranked 4th by in advice for students). I am looking for an internship in your organization. I am Currently studying at Winthrop University, with a Major in Mass Communication. I have developed myunderstanding of cultural differences and my ability to adapt and work with different people. I also know how to work on a team as I played Basketball at a national level for ten years. My work experienceallows me to have an overall picture of Corporate Communication, both internal and external. I have demonstrated excellent leadership and communication skills throughout my work experiences. Previouslyinterned within a French professional soccer team, where I had the opportunity to work as Media Relations Manager. My principal role there was to expand the relations between the media and theorganization and to manage communications between the organization and its key publics (fans, sponsors, politics, etc.). These experiences led me to develop excellent quantitative, analytical and interpersonalskills. I have strong work ethics and follow my personal values. I share values like integrity, passion of innovation and delivering superior results. I believe my education background, workexperience and career interests match your requirement an internship. I also believe that my personality and culture can be beneficial for the company: I am French, and travelled across Europe in the last 10years. I strongly believe that I can bring value to your company. My resume is enclosed for your review. Please consider my request for an interview to discuss my qualifications and learn more aboutthe company. Please feel free to contact me at ...... or .... if I can provide you with any additional information you might need. Thank you for considering my request. I am very much looking forward...