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On the 11th of October 2010, I started my three month internship at Hermes in New York , United States. I found this internship bymyself. I decided to use the school network. Firstly, I selected different address thanks to the location. I tried to find something in United States. After exchanging many emails with Hermes inFlorida, it is finally Hermes in New York who offered me a place in their store.
I choose this internship for the location but also for the company. Hermes has always interested me by its history andoriginality compare to other luxury brands. They send me a announcement about this internship. The knowledge of the brand and the capacity to serve customers in English were the principalcharacteristics. I had a telephonic interview with Susan Dicceco, a manager of the flagship store. She explained me what she expected by me. And, after verify my comprehension in English, she proposed me to jointhem.
The other fact that made me do an internship in Hermes is its location. Indeed, the office is in New York, United States. I am never going in USA before, and I think it was a good opportunity todiscover the new world and the culture of American by myself. New York is also a international city, the “capital of the world” for some people. I had extraordinary chance to live in this incrediblecity. Moreover, the store is located in the heart of New York , on Madison avenue. I discover the world of the upper east side every day during three months.
In my report, the reader should discoverseveral aspects of my internship in Hermes. These aspects deal with the organization of the store, the daily task of the intern, the selling, merchandising, and the operational support and exposure tothe buying process. Moreover, some aspects like the difficulties encountered in my internship should be shown. The aim of my report is to show how a luxury company succeeded to impose itself since...